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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference is currently under way, and as usual, the technical fellows at Microsoft gave speeches about the deep architecture of Windows - in this case, Windows 7 of course. As it turns out, quite some seriously impressive changes have been made to the very core of Windows - all without breaking a single application. Thanks to BetaNews for summarising this technical talk so well.
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RE: *off topic
by ba1l on Wed 18th Nov 2009 02:09 UTC in reply to "*off topic"
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The mount points aren't really user visible in Linux.

You plug in an external USB drive, and it shows up, usually labelled only as "4.0GB Disk" or something like that. If you've given the drive a label, that label shows up instead. This is consistent across most applications, and is far better than "E:".

Besides, most users don't notice drive letters in Windows either. I certainly don't - I stopped caring as soon as Windows stopped forcing me to remember what drive letter was which.

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RE[2]: *off topic
by Bending Unit on Wed 18th Nov 2009 06:09 in reply to "RE: *off topic"
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Sometimes you still have to revert to command line, maybe to do something with your automatically mounted NTFS drive and then...? /media/somethingsomething

Personally I prefer drive letters, a forest, instead of a single file system tree and in windows I can use either one.

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RE[3]: *off topic
by bnolsen on Wed 18th Nov 2009 13:00 in reply to "RE[2]: *off topic"
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Drive letters can be a nightmare in a company with any number of machines when handling network shares. Having arbitrary limits (26 letters because of english) is just dumb.

If you really want on unix mount stuff into /drive/a, /drive/b, etc...or hook an automounter into /drive

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RE[2]: *off topic
by cerbie on Wed 18th Nov 2009 09:34 in reply to "RE: *off topic"
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Unless everything you do is on C:, Windows still makes you keep track of that.

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