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Microsoft During Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference the company's President of Server and Tools, Bob Muglia, and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie talked to a select group of reporters and bloggers about a variety of topics - including Silverlight.
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I couldn't care less what Miguel has done about it, I have no problems with Mono and Im 100% sure MS won't sue anybody,if you like to live in fear is your problem not mine.

Microsoft has a *history* of suing people. How is it that you don't know this? Do a google search on Microsoft and suing and I'm sure you can find lots of your own examples.

And quit spamming links I won't read them anyway because the source (you) is not trustworty.

Wait, let me make sure I understand you: When presented with an opinion that's backed up by factual information you choose to ignore the factual information and would prefer that it not be brought up in the first place. Is this correct?

Please help me to understand how this behavior which looks to me like the behavior of a troll is not trollish behavior? This resembles the behavior of"&g...

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Lets make a bet, tell me when MS is planing to sue, how many years (months or weeks) from now, if the time pass and don't sue anyone I win if it does you win, so please, name a date.

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