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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is an interesting case. Late last week news got out that Apple is refusing to repair machines still under AppleCare from customers who smoke, citing health risks from second-hand smoke. Wait, what?
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RE[2]: BS if you ask me!
by corbintechboy on Sat 28th Nov 2009 17:51 UTC in reply to "RE: BS if you ask me!"
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Hmmm..I suppose that smoking compares to bodily fluids and public masturbation... Lol ok!

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RE[3]: BS if you ask me!
by KrimZon on Sun 29th Nov 2009 12:17 in reply to "RE[2]: BS if you ask me!"
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I just don't get why emitting clouds of particulate matter that other people inhale isn't more repulsive to most people.

I guess choking body odour could be another analogy but I doubt smokers would be able smell that as strongly as non-smokers. Whereas the majority of people don't want someone else's fluids on them.

Similar to how many non-smokers don't really want to inhale someone elses chemicals.

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