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OSNews, Generic OSes I just stumbled upon an interesting forum thread over at The thread details whether or not AmigaOS and MorphOS should be called "hobby operating systems", and what kind of criteria should be applied. This sounded like an interesting point of discussion for OSNews.
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Comment by Raffaele
by Raffaele on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 09:06 UTC
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I don't know why Thom Holwerda when talking of Amiga points always on totally un-relevant things and aspects of this platform.

The discussion about if Amiga is to be called or not an "hobby OS" was born in our community and just one of the various folklore-costume trivia discussion that born in Amiga any day.

And perhaps Mr. Holwerda you must update your knowledge of actual AmigaOS situation:

It also eliminates a lot of those silly discussions about "my pet operating system does everything I need" vs. "it can't even do Flash!".

If this last humor word was intended to be referred to Amiga then I inform you that AmigaOS now runs Flash with Gnash and MorphOS runs Flash with SWFDec plug-in integrated into OWB web-browser release for MorphOS.

And this is another advance for this platform, and another step to fill the gap between us and other -so called- "mainstream" OSes.

Why don't you cover these advancements in Amiga with your articles rather than continuously point on Amiga folklore aspects and silly news?

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