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Legal And here you were, thinking the legal tussle between Apple and Nokia couldn't get any uglier. Well, it turns out it can, as Nokia has filed another patent complaint, this time to the US International Trade Commission. This new case revolves around patents other than the ones in the first case.
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RE[3]: Can you say settlement
by eriwik on Thu 31st Dec 2009 10:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Can you say settlement"
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I suspect the thing Nokia wants the most is the right to use multitouch in their devices. Multitouch is patented and as such f.ex. Nokia N900 lacks such functionality. They will be releasing a Maemo 6 device(s?) sooner or later and will want this thing sorted out before that.

I suspect that Nokia wanted Apple to license a few of its patents, but I suspect that it will end with Apple paying for the license and giving Nokia a license for various other patents.

My grandmother [I kid you not when times were tough] used to say, ``Wish in one hand, s*** in the other, see which one fills up faster.''

They will never get any cross-patent license pooling with Apple moving forward.

I'm not an expert on patents but I suspect that Nokia sits on enough patents on GSM, GPRS, and 3G technology to reduce an iPhone to the functionality of an iPod

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RE[4]: Can you say settlement
by ariarinen on Thu 31st Dec 2009 13:39 in reply to "RE[3]: Can you say settlement"
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If you look at essential patents that are judge to be essential by expert the patent landscape would look like:

Patents judge essential to GSM (158 patents)2008:
Nokia 67
Ericsson 31
Motorola 19
Siemens 9
Nortel* 4
BT 5
Alcatel** 4
Interdigital 4
Voiceage 3
Qualcomm 3
rest 9

Same for WCDMA 2009, Huawei 51, Nokia 32, Ericsson 16, Qualcomm 9 etc.*~...

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