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Opera Software HTML5 Video is coming to Opera 10.5. Yesterday (or technically, last year--happy new year readers!) Opera released a new alpha build containing a preview of their HTML5 Video support. There's a number of details to note, not least that this is still an early alpha...
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RE[6]: Comment by cerbie
by cerbie on Mon 4th Jan 2010 01:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by cerbie"
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H.264 offloading from AMD and nVidia offer 1/2 to 1/8 CPU use of doing it in software, allowing playback on machines that are otherwise not capable, and allowing post-processing on machines that are. If codec Y can use that kind of hardware, and get better playback than coded Z, which can't, then it is absolutely codec-dependent, regardless of how much of the time is spent just decoding the video stream.

Meanwhile, if they had all had to settle on a common toolset to program their chips, we might have software-based helper programs in Brook or OpenCL by now, and not be worrying about it so much.

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