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Podcasts The problem with the future is that by the time you get there, everything is pretty normal. Now that we've arrived in 2010 (something I could hardly imagine 10 years ago), we're now met with the annual tradition of predicting what will happen this year. Now that Kroc, Thom and Tess have recovered enough from the new year we discuss KDE 4, desktop OSes vs. the web and the issues of privacy and government involvement in the Internet--that is, when we managed to stay on topic. More coffee!
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by fury on Mon 4th Jan 2010 22:16 UTC
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Yeah Kubrutu sucks. I know, I'm using it right now. Kroc, I'm sorry that you couldn't manage to get Flash installed. That's really sad. I hope you get it working but in the mean time I'm going to go check out some Youtube videos, watch Hulu, and then play some Flash games.


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RE: Kubrutu!
by Kroc on Mon 4th Jan 2010 22:32 in reply to "Kubrutu!"
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I know you got it working, I’m not purporting that it isn’t possible to get it to work, but I sat down one day just to run Konqueror with Flash, and I ended up downloading 4 or 5 Linux distros and each one not being able to succeed because of incompatibilities with my VM, or an installation failure, or software install that bricked the system. I tried to do something simple, and whatever bad luck and bad design meant that I went _way_, _way_ beyond what an average user would even attempt to try get a Linux system working with Flash, and I failed. It was beyond frustrating. All the problems I had were legitimate bugs and flaws, and I had decent linux users helping me on Twitter, still to no avail.

It doesn’t happen to everybody, for certain, but I’ve been testing live CDs for years and the Linux system of managing and installing software just irks me massively. It’s insanely fragile and I just don’t want regular updates bricking my entire system (which has happened more than once).

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RE[2]: Kubrutu!
by fury on Mon 4th Jan 2010 22:42 in reply to "RE: Kubrutu!"
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Yeah I was just playing. The dilemma is, as Tess said, Debian *is* just eons better than RPM-based distros, and Ubuntu is a very decent, highly-supported distro which has a pretty big mindshare among Linux laymen. Add one K and you have a steaming pile of crap.

It doesn't really bother me though because I know tooo much about how Linux works underneath so it's not usually too hard to wrestle with the brokenness and annoyingness.

I'll admit I've never had trouble installing Flash 10 using the official Canonical repositories.

I always enjoy the OSNews podcasts btw! You guys are great! Still could use some tweaking on getting the volumes normalized though.


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