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Amiga & AROS After days of wild speculation and ridiculously fast-growing threads on, we finally know most of what we need to know about the new Amiga. This is not just a random PowerPC evaluation board that you can stuff in a generic case - no, this is an all-new system with a custom motherboard, and some very, very interesting innovations - like a fully customisable co-processor. Twenty-five years after the introduction of the first Amiga, this is one heck of a machine.
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Comment by TheDAX
by TheDAX on Tue 5th Jan 2010 19:02 UTC
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RadeonHD drivers (at least up the Radeon HD 4000 series) are being worked at HDrlabs and should be ready by the time this thing comes out, Still enough to run circles around an XBox 360...(but again that is only the tip of the iceberg, the X-Cores could act similarly to Intel Larrabee's concept and the amount of expandibility is quite endless there).

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RE: Comment by TheDAX
by KugelKurt on Tue 5th Jan 2010 19:50 in reply to "Comment by TheDAX"
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Still enough to run circles around an XBox 360

Let's hope that 2010 hardware runs circles around 2005 hardware.

"Those of you interested in high-end imaging or scientific applications" (<-- quote from TFA) certainly can't wait to get their hands on shiny 32bit CPU goodness!

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RE[2]: Comment by TheDAX
by SamuraiCrow on Tue 5th Jan 2010 20:56 in reply to "RE: Comment by TheDAX"
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Who said it was 32-bit only. I think I recall somebody who works for Hyperion saying that there was quite a workaround to get the OS to not assume 32-bit values for pointers. That suggests that the new version of AmigaOS will be more than 32-bit.

The DSP will be 32-bit but not the main CPU.

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RE: Comment by TheDAX
by Darak on Tue 5th Jan 2010 23:41 in reply to "Comment by TheDAX"
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HDRLab is working in the 2D part of Radeon x500+ support under OS 4. Although a massive achievement (and may very well be ready when this X1000 thing ships), this is still very far from having any sort of modern 3D support in the Amiga platforms.

Most likely, you'll never see any modern, competitive 3D hardware working in Amiga.

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