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Internet Explorer It would appear that Microsoft will finally take standards compliance in the browser world seriously, after dragging its feet for years. Back in November 2009, the Redmond giant already revealed that Internet Explorer 9 would come with CSS3 and HTML5 support, and now the cup runneth over, as Microsoft has requested to join the W3C's SVG Working Group.
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RE[5]: Comment by Kroc
by PlatformAgnostic on Wed 6th Jan 2010 23:27 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Kroc"
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On the topic of 10-second tab open times, that's mostly a function of what plugins are loaded (each tab is a new browser instance, so plugins need to be reinitialized).

Go to "Tools->Manage Addons..." and look at the 'load time' column of the addons list to see what's taking all the time.

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RE[6]: Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Thu 7th Jan 2010 07:41 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Kroc"
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Yes, of course, but I’m saying what the end user sees and they don’t know how to manage the BHOs. I go to a user’s PC and IE is crawling. I install Firefox, and bingo, everything is instantly faster and the user is overjoyed.

Perception people, perception. What the average end-user experiences of IE8—regardless of outside interference from other apps and add-ons (because they don’t know about that)—is a pain-inducingly slow browsing experience.

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RE[6]: Comment by Kroc
by oskar.h on Thu 7th Jan 2010 14:54 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Kroc"
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That actually made a difference. I disabled all addons (Messenger, Research, Java etc.) and now my IE8 isn't so much slower than FF.

I get the feeling that a lot of those addons could be loaded when I need them instead of each time a new tab is created. Take Java for example (which took ~1s to load). I would be just fine with waiting that extra second when I actually need Java...

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