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FreeBSD BSDForums interviews FreeBSD Release Engineering Team's Scott Long relating to various aspects of FreeBSD. Topics discussed include FreeBSD general issues, its academic roots, how FreeBSD compares to other BSDs - OpenBSD, NetBSD, and the ongoing debate on FreeBSD vs. Linux. Scott gives us his perspective on the corporate adoption and popularity of FreeBSD. He brings us up to speed on FreeBSD 6.0, its new features and enhancements, including Apple G4 PowerMac, AMD64 and wireless compatibility. Scott also discusses FreeBSD 6.0's upgrade path and release timetable.
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Scott Long is an Incompetent Liar
by Moulinneuf on Wed 5th Oct 2005 16:08 UTC
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- First all BSD's are NOT free Software and are not Open Source.

There is no doubt anymore that BSD dont ship at all anymore , its a small minority that is really shrinking and being replace by GNU/Linux on the few webserver that still use it. It as no presence at all on supercomputers , and as no presence at all on desktop beside on some fan desktop.

He make the higly laughable comparaison of comparing FreeBSD support with support from Red Hat and SuSe two of the major company , but not the only company unlike BSD's , who offer GNU/Linux and does so from companies that are worth around 3 billion and compare them , when they do not at all.

He make the false analogy that because GNU/Linux is gaining market share and visibility and considered a threat by Microsoft that BSD's does the same , its not the case at ALL. He offer MAC OS X wich is not BSD , not Open Source and not free software at all , the Biggest traitor to the BSD community , he also hang to the claim that its the #2 desktop , with its 5% market , problem is that GNU/Linux today is at 12% with all the numerous Asian , African , Australian , South American distribution and languages that GNU/Linux is translated in and used by the people in those more populous region that BSD dont reach , because they know what Thief , liar and coward are in those area.

FreeBSD already as smalls company ( all failing or on there way there ) and the biggest lying marketing , its failing because the product dont deliver at all , everyone know after trying it that its a piece of crap that is not up to par at all.

The Only thing that whas supporting corporate sponsoship BSD's whas Darpa and Darpa pulled its funding recently.

He diverted money from GNU/Linux too he whas paid to do driver for GNU/Linux and Illegally diverted the code and research progress to BSD's projects. ( Read #8 )

He consider FreeBSD 6.0 a success , before its release , before anyone beside the fan decide to go and download it or buy it to support the project. He is delusionnal.

He dont see that after 30 Years BSD'S have absolutely no real company supporting it , He havent known or seen all the BSD's developper who all switched to GNU/Linux or Apple ( Apple use BSD's but DONT contribute back ). GNU/Linux whas created by the Academics and students around the world because its Open Source and Free software. It also as company who do contribute.

The biggest secret of 6.0 is that it can be installed on older hardware , wow !!

Why is nobody using FreeBSD or running to get it when it just work ? Because it dont ...

The best example for why BSD's aint Open Source is APPLE vs all the other BSD's and Red Hat vs All the other GNU/Linux distribution. There are many project based of Red hat directly , there are none for Apple.

BSD's are NOT free Software and are not Open Source. Its time the BSD's fixed that problem to begin with , had they done it in the past there would have been no need for GNU/Linux at all.

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