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Windows An intrepid web developer has re-created the entire Windows 3.1 experience within a browser window, including games, notepad, and a web browser. Truth be told, the included web browser is a major anachronism, since it's apparently standards-compliant in 2010.
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Impressive work!
by n.l.o on Mon 25th Jan 2010 20:06 UTC
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It reminds me of something similar I wrote for a school assignment in 1993 on the 386's we were provided.

A Windows 3.1 alike GUI in Turbo Pascal. I bought a Logic 3 (IIRC) serial mouse and wrote a mouse driver for it.

All procedural code with lots of inline assembly. No TVision OOP code at all as I didn't understand how that worked at the time.

I still have the code on a floppy in the attic somewhere, unless bit rot has set in.

I showed it in my first interview in '94 and got the job. ;)

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