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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For the longest time, the default search provider in Ubuntu Linux has been Google, but this is going to change in the next release, Lucid Lynx, scheduled to release April 29. The change comes after Canonical has signed a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo!, so you can imagine who the new default search provider will be.
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by Cody Evans on Wed 27th Jan 2010 15:28 UTC
Cody Evans
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Posting this from Chrome on Ubuntu, this doesn't effect me either.

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RE: Chrome
by boblowski on Wed 27th Jan 2010 16:25 in reply to "Chrome"
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There's a lot of talk about Chrome in tech oriented user forums. Probably I'm simply getting too old (afraid so :-) ), but as an Opera and occasional Firefox user I have some trouble seeing the specialness of Chrome. I mean, I tried it, it looks nice, but to me as a more or less normal user it just looks like, well, like a browser. Just like IE and Safari are browsers as well.

What's the part this poor fellow doesn't understand? What sets Chrome apart from the rest of the bunch?

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RE[2]: Chrome
by jgagnon on Thu 28th Jan 2010 16:45 in reply to "RE: Chrome"
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I'm a long-time Firefox user and still love that browser, though much of my love for it is with the plug-ins and customizations. Now that Chrome has has the capability to add just about all of the plug-ins I've been using in Firefox, I've found myself giving it a shot.

It does use a LOT more memory than Firefox, though that is not really much of an issue for me because every computer I use regularly has at least 2 GB of RAM (8GB on my main box). As for what makes Chrome "better", I'm still figuring that out. All I know is that I continue to find no reason to ever use IE on Windows.

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RE: Chrome
by JeffS on Wed 27th Jan 2010 17:11 in reply to "Chrome"
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Chrome looks like it's going to be a bad choice for Ubuntu, since they are going to have the video tag in HTML 5 use the h.264 codec, which costs $5,000,000 a year to distribute, and Google's licensing does not extend to downstream third parties (read: Ubuntu and other distros).

Give Firefox another chance - it has improved immensely with the 3.6 release.

Personally, after using Chrome and Safari a lot over the last year or so, I've switched back to Firefox due to it's great speed, and lessened memory usage, improvements.

As for Ubuntu defaulting to Yahoo search - seems natural to go with that, since there is revenue sharing, and the h.264 issue (that Google is supporting).

Plus, Yahoo is getting it's act together again. They've just announced improved quarterly results. Carol Bartz seems to have her act together as a CEO.

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RE[2]: Chrome
by siimo on Wed 27th Jan 2010 21:46 in reply to "RE: Chrome"
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Ever hear of Chromium? The FOSS project that is essentially Chrome? It contains the ogg codec only and is free to use and it is probably what most distros will ship.

Google Chrome is just a "distro" of chromimum with official google branding and extras like h.264.

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