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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yet another item on the iPad? Are we serious? Yes, we are, since this one is about something that even geeks who aren't interested in the iPad itself should find intriguing. Steve Jobs said yesterday that the iPad is powered by an Apple A4 processor, but contrary to what many seem to think - it wasn't designed in-house at all.
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As others have said
by WillVarfar on Fri 29th Jan 2010 10:10 UTC
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It is Apple's chip, and they are completely accurate to say it is.

Its an out-of-order dual-core design, so its not comparable to snapdragon etc. It's the core2duo of the ARM world, the snapdragon being more the Atom.

I'm surprised if Apple's using Mali instead of SGX.

Apple (and everyone else) use (M|S)GX in their other ARM products.

Apple brought a big chunk of Imagination a while back too.

Has anyone actually used a Mali?

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RE: As others have said
by vaette on Fri 29th Jan 2010 13:48 in reply to "As others have said"
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Out of order? I haven't heard that. The current claim is that it is a Cortex-A9 with two cores. This is largely equivalent to having two Cortex-A8s, though there is some flexibility in execution unit choices I believe. Since the Snapdragon is a Cortex-A8 which has been tuned a bit and clocked to 1GHz I would say that the comparison between the Apple A4 and a hypothetical dual-core Snapdragon is very fair.

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RE[2]: As others have said
by puenktchen on Fri 29th Jan 2010 14:08 in reply to "RE: As others have said"
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the cortex a8 is an in-order-design, the cortex a9 is an out-of-order design. arm offers a single-core design called cortex a9 and a multi-core design called cortex a9-mp.

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