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Linux One of the things I love about software, particularly open source software, is innovation can come from anywhere. Sometimes it appears out of large tech companies such as Red Hat, IBM or Sun and other times it can come from one person writing code on a second hand computer in their college dorm. Software is really the expression of ideas and concepts, which can come from anyone. So I really enjoy seeing small open source projects try new things. Some will succeed and be adopted and some will fade away, but the amazing thing is to see people put their idea out there and present it to the world. Which is why I was thrilled when a few people directed me to Paldo and suggested it was worth a look.
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RE[2]: Paldo
by vivainio on Thu 11th Mar 2010 20:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Paldo"
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"Upkg is interesting in that it parses XML spec files and generates bash install scripts from it.

The stuff of nightmares.

No kidding! They should try to sneak in m4 and makefiles in there as well...

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RE[3]: Paldo
by darknexus on Thu 11th Mar 2010 21:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Paldo"
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Give me XML over M4 any day. Yuck, M4 is why I never use autoconf for my own projects, a clunkier syntax I can't think of except for maybe troff.

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