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Microsoft And yes, the legal news just continues to come. With high-profile lawsuits going on in the world of technology (Nokia vs. Apple, Apple vs. HTC), we really can't get around lots and lots of news about the subject. This latest tidbit we have for you is most interesting, and only serves to further confirm the rumours that Bing might become the default on the iPhone: Microsoft has more or less endorsed Apple's lawsuit against HTC.
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Back stabbing Microsoft as usual
by kragil on Tue 16th Mar 2010 11:11 UTC
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HTC did buy a lot WinMo licenses from MS in the past, didn't they?
That is what you get for being a MS customer. They don't really care when their imaginary property is at stake.

I really do hope Apples pointless software patents will be invalid due to prior art.

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Morty Member since:

HTC did buy a lot WinMo licenses from MS in the past, didn't they?

They still do, they continue to develop and ship WinMo phones. HTC are not a Android only shop. I think they still are the biggest supplier of WinMo phones.

Obviously MS would prefer them to drop Android, and go back to become WinMo only. So nothing really surprising here.

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Earl Colby pottinger Member since:

Microsoft like any large supplier hates it's customers having an alternative replacement for it's products.

I am willing to bet HTC is getting a better deal per unit from Microsoft under the present situation, there is no way that they would drop Android for that reason alone.

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