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Legal Finally - after a few weeks, HTC has actually officially issued a statement regarding the patent infringement lawsuit Apple has thrown towards the Taiwanese phone maker. As you probably already anticipated, HTC states it will fully defend itself against Apple. It's on, it's on.
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The problem one has
by alcibiades on Fri 19th Mar 2010 09:38 UTC
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Maybe the problem people have with this is the way Apple behaves?

The problem is not that Apple has patents. All companies do. The problem is not that Apple wants to protect and profit from them. All companies do.

The problem comes when Apple wants to use its patents and its legal department to lock in and exploit and control.

For example, the DRM in iTunes. Of course they were entitled to do the R&D, and to get returns from it. But that is not what they wanted. What they wanted was to refuse to license, so as stop any other vendors playing the iTunes DRM'd tracks on their players, so as to get a lock on player, store and purchase and management software.

If Apple were a company that was not so fixated on producing an exclusive walled garden in which you're tied to Apple solutions to the maximum extent possible, people would not react so badly to it. But this is how they are, its the old saga of proprietary connectors, locking the software to hardware....etc

This is what people object to. Not the fact that they want a fair return on their R&D, the fact that they want to make this return by monopolizing any market they are in to the max they can manage. It is actually worse than Microsoft, because its about all three of hardware, content and applications.

Yes, I know, don't bother saying it. If you do not like it do not buy it. I don't.

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