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OSNews, Generic OSes Online advertising has been a hot topic for the past week or so, with Ars Technica trying out an interesting, somewhat desperate experiment wherein they blocked access to their content for people using Adblock. Of course, if this were to become some kind of movement among publishers, it would probably just spark a technological cat-and-mouse game that would surely be reminiscent of DRM cracking or iPhone jailbreaking. But in their post-mortem, Ars states that it was a worthwhile awareness campaign, and I hope that's true. But I thought it would be a good idea to try to bring the collective OSNews brainpower together and crowdsource the idea of how to raise money for a web site in an age where advertising is increasingly un-viable.
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"such as with Opera, which I keep checking out, because it is cool, but the UI is horrid"
I know the default UI is useless but almost everything is customizable. You can make a toolbar layout like Firefox if you want to.

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It's not about toolbars.

Find as you type, with no shortcut key to start has been a killer feature for me since it was first introduced. AFAICT, Opera 10.10 (what I have) still hasn't copied that. While the functionality is there, there is no Opera interface that can compare with Noscript's popup menu. The content blocking, not allowing you see anything you can't click on, is vastly inferior to ABP, which allows you to check out every file's URL. Finally, does Opera have a way to remove obfuscation in links?

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