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Legal It's time for bed over here, but before I turn in with a nice cup of tea and a Gilmore Girls episode, we've got some good news for you: SCO has been dealt yet another major blow in its baseless lawsuit against Novell. A jury has ruled that Novell owns the UNIX copyrights - not SCO.
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A message to Sco
by darknexus on Wed 31st Mar 2010 00:11 UTC
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Is this finally the silver bullet to end Sco's ridiculous posturing, or will a stake driven through the heart be needed instead? Seriously Sco, you're dead. Accept it and die quietly... I'd say die with dignity, but you lost that a long time ago. Goodbye and good riddens. It's just too bad the original Sco--the one that actually developed an operating system--is basically forgotten because of you jerk-offs.

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