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Legal I guess this is what some people would call "karma". Apple may shout off the rooftops that it invented multitouch, and that anyone else using it is clearly stealing it from them - but another company has taken offence to that, and has slapped the Cupertino giant with a patent infringement suit over multitouch.
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RE[6]: Interesting - consider the situation
by jabbotts on Thu 1st Apr 2010 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Interesting"
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I find you have to consider the situation a little more closely.

VW did build military gear. Was that an original business decision or was it "build us these or our nice SS here will audit your staff and business papers.

Similarily, Bauer (I believe it was them else another german chemical company) knew exactly why the government was ordering barrels of chemicals with "human detectable market" (aka, chemical to provide smelly warning) removed from the batch. But, as a german company, you didn't have much choice regarding german government requests.

IBM is far worse; an American company who sold information systems to the germans. Systems which could only be maintained through regular visits by an IBM technician. A technician who had to visit each of the intern camps which had an IBM server being used to manage the body accounting numbers.

But then, the US was directly supplying Germany's freight U-boats for much of the war until they finally joined in with the allies.

Not to be completely off topic, there is a difference between a competitive business and one that goes to the extreme of being morally bankrupt. Things that Microsoft have done and Apple attempts to do now go above and beyond simply being competitive in a healthy capitalist market.

Apple fighting iPhone exception from the DMCA so that purchasing the device and then modifying that device invokes criminal law. To me, that's evil. Void my warranty; fine. Go to the extreme of a civil court case against me; bordering on irrational but ok. Invoke criminal repercussions because I modified my own peronal legally obtained possession; madness, evil madness.

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They started out building cars for the general populace, under Hitlers direction, the first bugs we're so the German people could have affordable cars as the depression ended, then they moved up to tanks and munitions, and used slave labor in their plants.

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