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Windows Now this is interesting. Microsoft developer Garrett Serack has acknowledged that it is generally easier to roll out a, for instance, complex stack of open source server software on Linux than it is on Windows. He also offers a solution - he's working on a project to bring package management to Windows. This project will be community-driven, and Serack has the full blessing from Microsoft.
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On a Debian based system, it's something like:

sudo apt-get source <package>
cd <package dir>
sudo make install

Actually it's easier than that:

$ apt-get source <package>
$ cd <package dir>
$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
$ sudo dpkg -i ../package.deb

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Cheers, I'll try that next time. But it doesn't change my point. Way way way way way way way easier to do then on Windows.

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Download foreign source
Uncompress downloaded file

Freaking fantastic to build a tarball into a .deb during install like that. The few programs I've needed outside the Debian repositories have worked beautifully.

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