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Apple The backlash is starting to show. The most recent change in Apple's iPhone developer agreement isn't going down well. The change is clearly aimed at increasing lock-in, and seems to have little to nothing to do with anything else. While individual developers are hit hard, Adobe as a whole has been hit pretty hard too, giving rise to sentiments on the web that Adobe should abandon Mac development. I have the sneaking suspicion this is exactly what Apple is aiming for.
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It's a conspiracy!!
by KingRocky on Sat 10th Apr 2010 14:26 UTC
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Why is it that when a large organization does something that some people don't like, it's suddenly a conspiracy?

The idea that Apple is trying to push out Adobe altogether is ludicrous. Apple has a beef with Flash, certainly, but to push out Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and the rest is just silly.

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RE: It's a conspiracy!!
by Headrush on Sat 10th Apr 2010 15:02 in reply to "It's a conspiracy!!"
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You know that later today this "theory" about Apple making a Photoshop replacement and wanting to drop Adobe outright will be headlining dozens of other web sites as fact now.

Your article made no mention of the argument that the C/C++/Obj-C requirement was related to the multitasking implementation that Apple designed for iPhone OS 4.x
Is it safe to assume that you just assume it's not true?
I haven't look at it in detail but could there not be elements of truth to this?

Seems every story and ever company these todays is so full of knee jerk reactions and personal feelings and often lacking in facts.

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