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Linux The tools used to boot Linux are changing. Specifically, the Grand Unified Bootloader is now officially in maintenance mode only, and GRUB's developers have abandoned the original GRUB in favor of an entirely rewritten package, known as GRUB 2. Discover GRUB 2's new capabilities and how to use it.
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RE: Vent
by sakeniwefu on Thu 22nd Apr 2010 00:41 UTC in reply to "Vent"
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Even without the bugs, who asked them to make it backwards incompatible?

If you think the old bootconf format needs to die, write a porting tool or at least document the damn new format and tell the user you are going to break everything with the next update.

When distros first switched, there wasn't much information on the net and, of course, it is Linux - you can't expect it to be properly documented on your own system.

BTW, they have an auto-detector, last time I looked it was able to detect Windows and Linux installations. Out of the thousands of OSes, many of which use GRUB.

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