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In the News Whatever products we use, I think we can all agree that the United States patent system and the US Patent and Trademark Office need a serious overhaul. Not only has the USPTO a history of granting ridiculous patents (massive prior art, obviousness, incredibly vague, the USPTO grants them all), it also has a backlog of about 750000 patent applications. The USPTO now has a plan to combat these issues - sadly, they once again display their utter incompetence.
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1. While there needs to be better screening of things, the patent system makes far more sense than the alternative.

2. Your idea of charging 5% of yearly income per patent is patently stupid: it will not at all help anything for the patent office, since as soon as you start putting such stupid rates in, companies will declare a tax writeoff, ad perhaps will go to such measures of filing all patents in a batch, keeping in mind that then they'll claim they had no income, or (better yet) a loss, and therefore... what, getting paid for submitting patents? In addition, while it may seem at first to provide a leg-up for "the little guy" where do you think most of the worthless patents come from in the first place?

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2005-10-17 patently stupid

What? Stupidity has also been patented?

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Yes, indeed. I think I am the patent holder, still. It is a hotly contested patent, with nearly 300 million others jostling for ownership rights.

Thankfully, or perhaps tragically, we all have the same lawyer: Obama.

--The loon

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