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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Apple sued HTC, and targeted Android specifically (news which came out of the blue), many people, including myself, were convinced this was Apple letting the world know they were afraid of Android's rising popularity. This notion was laughed away by many an Apple fan, but it turns out that this is most likely far closer to reality than many dare to admit: in the first quarter of 2010, Android conquered the number two market share spot from the iPhone in the US - and by a wide margin too. Update: Added a graph which better shows the trend.
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RE: The os Mac vs PC war...
by kaiwai on Tue 11th May 2010 11:16 UTC in reply to "The os Mac vs PC war..."
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Doesn't this reminds your of the MAC vs PC war of the past? Where the PC market share was higher because of the clones...

It does remind me very much, and the contorting and backflipping I would see by Mac advocates about how 'it is unfair' to compare Apple to the market as a whole.

Android is challenging and over taking iPhone, Microsoft has finally got its act together where by the time 'Windows Phone 7" Release 2 or something to that effect is released by next year will have something competitive with what is out there, and Apple is still believing that they can 'rule the roost' by being the only supplier. They assume that there is a single solution to a single problem when in reality there are multiple problems with multiple solutions thus requiring many different vendors working to deliver different products for each case scenario. The iPhone isn't the swiss army knife but merely one of many knives one can choose from when slicing up the vegetables for a salad.

Personally nothing would satisfy me more than seeing Apple being pulled down a few notches and humbled a bit; just as Microsoft has been humbled and court off guard in some areas, I have a feeling that Apple might learn the hard way unless they're willing to admit some of the flaws in their business model when looking at it from a long term (10-20 years).

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