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OSNews, Generic OSes There's one complaint we here at OSNews get thrown in our faces quite often: what's up with the lack of, you know, operating system news on OSNews? Why so much mobile phone news? Why so much talk of H264, HTML5, and Flash? Where's the juicy news on tomorrow's operating systems? Since it's weekend, I might as well explain why things are the way they are. Hint: it has nothing to do with a lack of willingness.
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You're doing a great job
by ozonehole on Sun 16th May 2010 01:24 UTC
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Thom, just want to say, you're doing a great job. I greatly appreciate the coverage you've given to H264, HTML5, the patent wars, etc. Don't let the naysayers get to you. Some people just love to whine, but they have nothing to contribute themselves. How many of the whiners have ever made a news submission to OSNews?

The one suggestion I'd like to make: the "minor news" you've put on the right-hand column, I think should be incorporated with the rest of the news. I bet a lot of people don't read it because it's relegated to "minor". However, it's often as interesting as the major stories. Today's story about "Btrfs Possibly Default System Next Ubuntu Release" is a good example - look at how many comments it's drawn. It's difficult to judge which issues your readers will think are major and which are minor - I say just throw the lot together and let your audience sort it out.

Again, this is not a criticism, just a suggestion.

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