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Internet & Networking Mozilla, sticking to its ideals of the open web, decided long ago that support for the patent-encumbered H264 codec would not be included in any of its products. Not only is H264 wholly incompatible with the open web and Free software, it is also incredibly expensive. Mozilla could use one of the open source implementations, but those are not licensed, and the MPEG-LA has been quite clear in that it will sue those who encode or decode H264 content without a license. Software patents, however, are only valid in some parts of the world, so an enterprising developer has started a project that was sure to come eventually: Firefox builds with H264 support.
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Better protesting?
by anarchisttomato on Mon 17th May 2010 13:45 UTC
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Why are we just talking about this online, on pages people can safely ignore? People use to riot and march in the streets, not they'll "send an angry email - that'll show 'em!". I've been reading all these stories and getting pretty tired of the same story again and again; get the story out to major news organisations, camp outside W3C offices with placards... make a fuss!

We keep talking about this stuff as an inevitability - well it will be if we keep up this low standard of protest! My apologies for those who may have been to major news organisations and have been camping out at W3C, etc. If you are, then great, BUT I'VE NOT HEARD OF YOU OR SEEN YOU. If that's the case, make yourselves known.

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