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Internet Explorer This warrants a new post as far as I'm concerned, mostly because the original post is getting buried in updates and will soon drop below the fold. Microsoft has just announced it will support VP8 in HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 9, but only if the user has the DirectShow filter installed. Update: Yes, the updates keep on coming. Zencoder has added support for VP8. Update II: Zencoder's side project, video.js, offers a player that can fallback between h.264, OGG and VP8 on most browsers. Support for Android browsers is underway too. Update III: The H264 supporters' hardware argument for mobile is sounding moot too, since ARM explains on its blog that mobile devices with Cortex-A8 and Snapdragon processors "will be able to take advantage of WebM" through those chips' NEON SIMD engine.
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RE: Comment by merkoth
by DOSguy on Wed 19th May 2010 20:52 UTC in reply to "Comment by merkoth"
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At the end of the day, YouTube is like the porn film industry: It gets to decide what format lives and what format dies.

It is a popular belief that the Porn Industry killed Betamax, but it absolutely isn't a fact. From what I've read VHS was already more or less 'established', when the Porn Industry chose to back it.
Although many concidered Betamax being superior to VHS, there where a few defining characteristics that made Betamax the less favorable choice for consumers:

- limited recording capacity of 1 hour versus VHS's 3 hours
- higher manufacturing costs and thus higher consumer price
- VHS was easier to use

A few links on the topic: ( doesn't even mention the Porn Industry )

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RE[2]: Comment by merkoth
by elsewhere on Thu 20th May 2010 01:16 in reply to "RE: Comment by merkoth"
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It is a popular belief that the Porn Industry killed Betamax, but it absolutely isn't a fact.

Point remains that without porn driving innovation, we'd still be using 9600 baud modems, viewing gif images, still ordering things over the phone and relying on VHS for distributing video.

I'm joking, but actually, I'm not. The porn industry was one of the early drivers for things like streaming video, online transactions and high-bandwidth applications. Much like VHS, the fact that these innovations also had legitimate use and were therefore entirely justifiable for one to have without labeling one's self as a deviant, doesn't change the fact that porn was a huge driver for adoption.

In fact, I would be surprised to not see the porn industry adopt webm for online video. They could save the licensing fees, and frankly I suspect they may hold more sway than YouTube on viewing requirements. They would virtually force adoption by the browser holdouts, because a browser incompatible with porn is a browser with a very limited future. Even if nobody wants to admit using it for that.

Be a good way for the porn industry to get back at Apple for disparaging them.

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