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Fedora Core It's Fedora release day! The Fedora project has pushed out version 13 of its cutting-edge Linux distribution. There's a whole boatload of improvements, some of which come from the wider Free software ecosystem, but of course, there's also a lot Fedora/Red Hat-specific stuff.
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I would not say that. Slackware, by default, install all binaries, docs, data and headers/development files (what others distros use to unfold on multiple packages). That means that it is easy to get a source of something it does not provides by default and compile it on your host machine (and install it).

Probably because of that people sometimes think that it is a hybrid distro, but it is not. What it provides, it provides in binary, prepackage tarballs (that are actually compressed tar files with simple control structures inside, besides what you would get with a "make install" step).

It is a nice distro anyway, but not my favorite anymore. Anyway, I am very grateful to Pat and happy he is still kicking it, he has my respect. Learned a lot about how things work because of it.

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As for the RESPECT of Pat and Slackware, I agree. I've been a slacker since 97' and I can't live without it... I've even tried to use other distros such as Fedora and felt out of my element. So - "Debian, FreeBSD, and Slackware suits my taste.

Congrats to the Fedora Team!

I've been monitoring the progress.

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