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In the News Now this is a subject I've been tiptoeing around for a while now, not entirely sure what to do with it: the suicides at Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn. Instead of acting all morally smug and superior from my comfortable rural home in one of the richest countries in the world, I want to talk about two things journalists and bloggers should really stop focusing on when writing about this story: Apple, and the suicides. Wait, what?
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Most often I neither disagree nor agree with the articles on this site (even if I've been reading it since five years by now), but let me say it, the opinion presented in this article is ridiculous.
You can't justify these Chinese manufacturers in the slightest.

We need to get rid of Chinese manufacturers. Why? They're a simple way for stupid corporatists to get our jobs and to cut big big corners, and they give us the illusion we've got everything at the lowest price possible, while in reality we've got a lot of stupid gadgets which break at the first time you put them under REAL stress. Stuff didn't break for decades once and often had free 800/green-number telephone support, to not say parts were easily replaceable and MEANT to be replaceable (East German TVs even had freakin' schematics inside!)
Now it's stupid call centers in India and 199-pay-through-the-nose calls.

People need to understand that they need much less, but that "less" has to be much better. But that is not wanted by the corporatists, who want consumations to flourish, and the only way they can get that it's with disposable, immediately-breaking stuff.

Try getting *documentation* for these things. Impossible.

It's bad for everyone, our families and the environment

The argument that the jobs Foxconn and other companies like it (in fact you're right on the fact that it's not only Foxconn but THOUSANDS) give are essential are simply not true. If there weren't them, there would be someone else giving jobs. And if there weren't any private corporation to do that, people would organize and fix that situation.

I'm Italian actually and outsourcing doesn't affect the country as much as it affects a place like the US yet. Not yet; but it will happen.

The problem is that today people are educated that money is the most important thing ever and the only real value. Not true: the mixed economical system had lower price for everyone and actually got started the "development" many politicians like to brag about!
If it weren't for public buildings, there would be a lot of homeless people, in face of the stupid corporatists.

Start doing stuff in the US, Canada, Europe, et al. I will gladly buy a GREAT 1000 quids television that has good support and lasts forever, instead of an el-cheapo bugridden Chinese 300 quids television which not only is very slow at doing everything, but has no support and no replacements, and doesn't last more than an handful of years (and I had one of these and was by a brand co-owned by the Chinese government)

Socialism would be really the way to go (the Chinese government != socialist, it's actually == selfish_capitalists)
The role of society is staying happily together, not selfish advancements.

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You are free to buy products that are made locally and are higher quality. Let your pocket book cast your vote and make the changes you're asking for. No one is forced to buy cheap (price and quality) products that is manufactured overseas.

Like I said earlier, if a society is free to grow and prosper, wages will go up. New wealth gets created. The fact that I have five dollars in my wallet doesn't mean someone doesn't have five dollars in theirs. If the whole world was comprised of free societies where wealth is freely grown, we wouldn't have the problem of 'rich' corporations outsourcing labor to lower their costs and often the quality.

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The fact is that, one can't simply vote with his own wallet. It is simply impossible; people do not know very much about what is good or bad and they will most often just buy what's cheaper. You do not notice a "bad" something unless you had a "good" something.

And for that reason, voting with my wallet would first, leave me with my wallet entirely full, and them leave me without any computer, TV or cellphone. While you can live very well without those, they are an important part of society nowadays and it's just better to have them even if you aren't going to use them. Not considering that here to access something services of the state, you need to have the Internet (yes, you heard that well).

That's why governments should put taxes on imported things. Once you do that, that Chinese stuff won't be cheaper anymore and will be driven out of the market. It is a forced thing, yes, but it's for the good of society. Otherwise KYE-like sweatshops which make your motherboards and mouses by hand (and not with machines, so you can wonder what precision a tired and badly-treated employee can have) will always flourish.

Government intervention is not bad when it's done right, and this will bring many jobs and a lot of skills, which aid much in developing a leadership (isn't this what a certain country always says to have but does nothing to keep it?).

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