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Apple I've been meaning to write this for some time, and for all the time I delayed the more poignant the point I wanted to make started to become as new news came out further solidifying my angle. When I begun writing this article the iPad had not yet been revealed, iPhone OS 4 was not on the map and Apple had not yet purchased Lala. You've probably just noticed that all of these events in fact point toward Apple embracing the web more and in this article I will point out why this is not the case because I believe Apple's agenda here is similar to something we've already seen in recent history.
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"There is not a single Java desktop app that doesn't scream out at the top of its voice, "I'm written in Java". Which means that it is slow, eats memory for breakfast, and doesn't fit in with the rest of the desktop within which it is running.

How about this: Name one that does do this

Easy: Vuze (née Azuereus), Eclipse, Netbeans (though this is one of the better ones). They're the only java apps I commonly use and they are all horribly slow and ugly. The one good (in terms of speed/responsiveness) Java program I've used is Matlab.

Of course, there are slow and bloated C++ apps too, OpenOffice springs to mind, but they seem to be less common. I think that the reason is probably this:

Although it is possible to write efficient Java programs, you can't really do it if you write things in a 'Java' way, i.e. not worrying about memory, using heavy types like Integer, and so on. Consider that when writing Android games, one is advised not to display the FPS, because formatting the string creates a new object each frame! Wtf?!

Fortunately (p)NaCl is language agnostic (unlike JVM). It's also written by google who are pretty bright so hopefully it won't take ages to load like the java plugin.

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