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Internet & Networking Earlier this week, Apple launched a HTML5 Showcase page, displaying several uses for HTML5 and related technologies. However, it turns out that Apple is using trickery to block out browsers other than Safari, with the end result that browsers with better support for web standards than Safari can't access the demos.
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Bad move
by apoclypse on Fri 4th Jun 2010 18:41 UTC
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I have to agree that this is s bad move from Apple if they really wanted to sell HTML5. A lot of whats in webkit usually ends up in the spec so in a way they are right but Apple should have made it open to any browser especially webkit based browsers like Chrome. Now I hate Chrome myself, I wouldn't touch it, but I know that in terms of HTML5 compliance it is probably the best out there. This could have been a great opportunity for apple to show how HTML5 is better than the alternative. If they wanted to showcase Safari they could have shown that by having Safari run circles around the competition, not by blocking them. In other words put up or shutup.

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