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Linux All of us who use computers create a problem we rarely consider. How do we dispose of them? This is no small concern. Estimates put the number of personal computers in use world-wide today at about one billion. The average lifespan of a personal computer is only two to five years. We can expect a tidal wave of computers ready for disposal shortly, and this number will only increase. And as if that isn't challenge enough, there are already several hundred million computers out-of-service, sitting in attics and basements and garages, awaiting disposal.
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RE: OK...
by Kalessin on Tue 15th Jun 2010 22:34 UTC in reply to "OK..."
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Personally, I usually get a new computer because I want a faster computer which can do more. I'm constantly pushing my computer. I put my own computers together and use Linux almost exclusively, so the whole planned obslesence thing doesn't apply to me at all, but what I have is never as fast as I'd like, and I definitely wouldn't want a computer coming out of this sort of program.

However, my older computers are frequently of little use to me, and they could be of use to someone else through a refurbisher program, so it could be of some value to find such a program and get into the hands of someone who would actually get some value out of them.

Just because you and I may have no interest in using older computers doeesn't mean that no one else will.

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