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Linux Linux Magazine has a profile of Daniel Fore and the Elementary project. Elementary is a Linux distro that's committed to a clean and simple user experience, but it's more than a distro - it's actually a multi-pronged effort to make improvements to the user experience for a whole ecosystem of components, including icons, a GTK theme, Midori improvements, Nautilus, and even Firefox. The work that elementary is doing isn't limited to their own distro, and some of their work is available in current, and perhaps future, Ubuntu releases. The results are really striking, and I think it's probably the handsomest Linux UI I've ever seen.
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RE: Come on People
by KyleCardoza on Fri 18th Jun 2010 21:16 UTC in reply to "Come on People"
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Different isn't good enough. Ultimately, I'd hope the goal is to surpass OS X, but in order to surpass it, it must first be equalled. I like global menu bars, I like application-centric window management, I like an interface that works whether you have fifteen mouse buttons or just one. On the other hand, I grant you the dock - it's a usability nightmare, drastically overdue for a ground-up rewrite.

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RE[2]: Come on People
by jrash on Fri 18th Jun 2010 21:44 in reply to "RE: Come on People"
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Well those features you like were different before MacOS/OSX, but at least in GNOME you can change it around somewhat and use different themes as opposed to OSX. I guess Apple no longer wants anyone to "Think Different"

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RE[2]: Come on People
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 18th Jun 2010 23:08 in reply to "RE: Come on People"
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Wait, are you really suggesting that in order to be better than apple, a interface must first become identical to apple?

I agree with the previous poster, that an over emphasis on recreating OSX doesn't bode well for future UI development.

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