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Amiga & AROS The fabled Amiga X1000 has been spotted in the wild, in the homeliest of places--Station X, a.k.a Bletchley Park. "The AmigaOne X1000 is a custom dual core PowerPC board with plenty of modern ports and I/O interfaces. It runs AmigaOS 4, and is supported by Hyperion, a partner in the project. The most interesting bit, though, is the use of an 500Mhz XCore co-processor, which the X1000's hardware designer describes as a descendant of the transputer - once the great hope of British silicon." With thanks to Jason McGint, 'Richard' and Pascal Papara for submissions.
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Just to correct your erroneous statement but Pegasos runs all Amiga-Like Operating Systems. It runs also AmigaOS.
Learn to read, I said "the Pegasos wouldn't get AmigaOS", back in the days Amiga Inc. decided that they wouldn't release it for the Pegasos and only for the AmigaOne. Even by then considering people had bought into Pegasos and MorphOS existed it should had been abandoned by the users. Just another time Amiga Inc. screwed things up. With _ONE_ platform atleast it would have had more users, no risk of betting on the wrong horse and a direction into the future.

I know it's available _NOW_, but that must be much more thanks to Hyperion winning over Amiga Inc. than anything else. Amiga as company suck, we would have been much better without it.
I knew it because I own a Peggy II. ;-)
I own an original pegasos with the DMA flaw but I have never ever used it.
No, Linux no, please... I don't want that Shi**y Geek-Only Operating System.
Which was my point ... As long as Gateway-Amiga was let to focus on the AmigaMCC and base a completely new OS on QNX Neutrino where wheren't doomed and could have had a future. But then Gateway decided that Linux was a better idea and well, then it didn't got intersting at all.. Add Tao-groups Elate and the whole fiasco of selling SDKs for that to develop games for what never became an AmigaDE but rather a bunch of Windows CE-games ...

You must achieve a Computer Science Degree to learn how to full using it, or the alternative is to stay stuck with its basic features without any possibility of digging it and discovering all its power.
I don't see many web-surfers coding assembler on the Amiga either but .. ;)

Studying for a Computer Science Degree to learn how to use an Operating System in its deep it is sorta like a nightmare!
For most people "using a computer" = "start the web-browser", and they could do that in Linux to .. But yeah, I wasn't saying Linux-based "AmigaOS" was a good idea, though my sentence may have been short / the rest / idea got lost while writing.
That is why Amiga is perfect. It does not require a Computer Science Degree to be mastered by any user.
I think it's mostly because you're used to it .. I know a guy who more or less couldn't do shit on the Amiga, had it for his son. Many ideas such as just copy in fonts, new datatypes, get support for new filesystems, monitors or printers by just clicking/dragging their icon is very intuitive though.

Not thanks to modern Amiga Inc though .. ;D
AmigaOS is good. MorphOS is good. AROS is good.
I don't know about AROS but long-term I think it will be the best option, because it may be the only one with a future. Though I would much rather have seen a new cool hobbiest OS like Syllable with maybe the AROS-developers and the guy behind SkyOS and all the people over at the Haiku-camp. Then we could actually have a decent alternative to Windows, Linux and OS X, and enough developers and size.
Also I hope that soon we will see a version of MorphOS running from its Q-Box even if this means to deprecate the Amiga A-Box.

At least the A-Box could run in sort of sandbox, or the Amiga API could be just run under complete emulation, so that Q-Box could reveal all its power!
Well, if all the Amigans who bought into the AmigaOne just to get Linux and then have to wait for what? A year? Two? Before they actually got their OS (because it did run Linux only at first didn't it? Or was there a beta? Don't remember, I think the beta came much later.) and instead had bought Pegasoses Genesi would had made more money, development on MorphOS could had been more focused and MorphOS would have had more software. Can't really see what was gained from getting AmigaOS4 up to the same level as MorphOS. Sure "it's the real deal" but as far as I saw things MorphOS _WAS_ AmigaOS as far as anything mattered. It could still run the old software and was modern.

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