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GNU, GPL, Open Source The HURD was meant to be the true kernel at the heart of the GNU operating system. The promise behind the HURD was revolutionary -- a set of daemons on top of a microkernel that was intended to surpass the performance of the monolithic kernels of traditional Unix systems and in doing so, give greater security, freedom and flexibility to the users -- but it has yet to come down to earth.
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RE[4]: Reason Linux lives:
by sorpigal on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 17:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Reason Linux lives:"
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I agree, asking for someone to never post again is totally uncivilized. The guy has no manner.

Did you see where I said "please"? That's an indication of *good* manners. It certainly is far superior to the kinds of vitriolic name calling I *wanted* to engage in when I first read the OPs post.

He is probably very young

This kind of anti-youth bigotry is something that would be amusing if it isn't so frightening (and so wide-spread). "I don't like it, so it must be caused by the poster being too young to know better. One day he will grow up and be just like me!" -- grow up yourself. I didn't suggest the the OP was too young to know what he was talking about, because one's age is usually irrelevant.

Comparing ages is just a pissing contest. Would you like to compare other parts of our anatomies too? What would it prove if yours really is longer? It wouldn't make the OP any less wrong.

I know! Let's compare user IDs. Mine is lower and that means I'm older and you're younger, and thus you're automatically wrong. If you think that's an unfair way to dismiss what you say, then we agree on that at least.

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