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OSNews, Generic OSes Spotify has made a (Qt-based, but with extra gnome-support package) Linux client available for download. The client is available only to premium subscribers - reported to be because they haven't found a reliable way to show ads yet. It also doesn't support local file playback yet, but then this port was built "during hack days and late nights".
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Spelling, etc.
by lubod on Tue 13th Jul 2010 09:51 UTC
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I like Qt (the Nokia owned Graphic Toolkit).

As a long time Mac-head, I like Quicktime too. (as far as I'm concerned Quicktime being crappy on windows is just as much because windows is crappy to begin with as that Apple "refuses to use" windows native toolkits.)

OTOH, Emphasizing capitalization is what led NeXT (or is it NEXT?) on the path to bankruptcy. I HATE people who misspell things (loose vs lose, etc.) BUT, when you get to spelling acronyms Capital, lowercase, Capital, Capital vs. Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, the marketing robots have taken over, and there is no hope left!

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RE: Spelling, etc.
by _txf_ on Tue 13th Jul 2010 15:42 in reply to "Spelling, etc."
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QT is pretty crappy across the board, not just on windows

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