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Multimedia, AV I'm a couch potato. There, I've said it. I love sitting down and watching sci-fi movies, like any good geek would. And this is an (almost religious) action that hasn't changed for many, many, years. But I feel that we're in for a surprise soon. The way we watch TV and access content is about to change. TV watching will at last arrive into the 21st Century, and the technology giants will be there to duke it out for the reins of this new industry.
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RE[2]: Been done before?
by phoenix on Mon 19th Jul 2010 22:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Been done before?"
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That's not a TV, that's a computer with a monitor and speakers. Integrating all those features into a single unit is ludicrous.

A TV is nothing more than a monitor, and it should remain that way. Want more out of it? Then attached a "magic box" to it and configure that to do what you want.

Everything you describe can be done via a set-top-box, and that's where the smarts should be housed.

All-in-one units in the monitor like you describe are more trouble than they are worth. (Yes, I include AiO PCs and iMac in that statement.) All it takes is for 1 little thing (speaker? camera? cpu fan?) to die or need upgrading for the whole house of cards to tumble down.

Also, what about those who don't want a physical TV, instead they want a projector mounted in the ceiling. Where's the smarts now? You want to build all that into every projector now as well? Or, how about putting it in a separate "magic box" that connects to the projector.

How would you make this portable? A "magic box" is easy to disconnect and move around. A 106" plasma TV ... not so much.

What about when you want upgrade (or even downgrade) TV sizes? Are you going to have to re-do all your programming? Wouldn't it be so much simpler to just "unplug TV from box, replace with new TV, connect to box" and have everything working again? You know, like the way a VCR/DVD/BD player currently works, compared to a TV with built-in VCR/DVD/BD.

What if you want to take all your cool stuff camping in your spiffy RV? Are you going to have to program everything twice, once in the living room, once in the RV? Why not just program it once in the "magic box" in the living room, then unplug that and connect it to the (most likely smaller) TV in the RV?

You really don't want to make the TV smart. It's just a screen. Keep it that way.

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