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Games A rumor has been going around for about four months now that Valve is coming out with a Linux version of Steam and had a lot of people in the Linux community very excited. However Valve have officially killed the rumor. And it is not what people wants to hear - there is no Linux version of Steam in development.
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RE[7]: Too bad.
by MamiyaOtaru on Wed 25th Aug 2010 13:58 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Too bad."
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"Doesn't help that even the binary drivers are like driving with the parking brake on even when allegedly it's the same drivers working through an abstraction. I didn't buy a GTX 260 SLI rig to have no SLI, no CUDA, no Physx, and to have my single GTX 260 perform like a 9800GT.

That's a blatant lie. NVIDIA's Linux drivers perform just as well as the Windows drivers in most cases. (Many benchmarks have proven this.)
for me that used to be true. Then my 9800gt performed worse in Linux than my old 7900gt

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RE[8]: Too bad.
by deathshadow on Thu 26th Aug 2010 04:17 in reply to "RE[7]: Too bad."
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While I've NEVER had my GTX 260's perform worth a damn in linux... much less the 9800 GT sitting between the two of them to drive my extra two displays. (since the GTX 260's are in SLI and as such can only drive two on their own)

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