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BeOS & Derivatives Clemens Zeidler, one of the spearheads for the Stack & Tile implementation on Haiku, has let the Haiku development mailing list know that a new and improved (and refactored) version of the feature has been committed to the Haiku source tree. This new version is no longer a hack into Haiku's app server itself, but is it's own decorator, in Haiku/Be parlance.
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but I notice a lot of regressions in the nightlies that don't was there in Alpha 01, like:

They're nightlies and not releases for a reason. If you don't want any regressions/bugs to ever occur, then you may as well stop using any software at all, because they're simply a part of life in the development process. No one person can test every last thing, and the things that break with some changes simply don't appear on all machines. End of story.

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Don't was there in Alpha01,but was introduced in Alpha02

If not, let's see:

- Terminal glitches (In nightlies)
- In terminal, strange caracters appears when search for used commands (not in A1, but present in A2)
- NTFS drives don't mount when you have done a cold boot (in nightlies)
- Interface layout inconsistencies (not in A1, but present in A2)
- Mimetypes in NTFS is not recognized anymore (not in A1, but present in A2)
- ACPI problems don't let the system starts (not in A1, but present in A2)

Realize that this is not a negative criticism, but the findings of those who use the system daily and needs the new features, and the alpha2 is already obsolete

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Yes, I saw your list of complaints the first time. However, my point, which you completely missed, is that that's simply going to be life with nightly builds. That's just how software development works, like it or not. If there were no new features going in, then you might have a case, but pretty much every single thing in your list is due to new features or trying to improve other things.

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I find your post rather ignorant and do take personal offence by your post.

ACPI wasn't ENABLED at all until Alpha 2. The level of testing I DID before even enabling it was enormous. To really test and debug ACPI I had to reboot thousands of times, I had to track down and solve all critical issues reported by others. On top of that some ordinary users seems to think it is ACPI no matter what real problem is.

So, as you seem to know so much better what should be done, why don't you do it?

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