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Google Hold on to your security blanket, people, because Google is rolling out a pretty big change to its search engine. Not too long ago the internet was in a shock because Google rolled out a new feature that allowed you to pick a background image for the Google home page, just like Microsoft's Bing. Google went a lot further today, and has launched Google Instant, adding search-before-you-type results to the Google home page.
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by Praxis on Wed 8th Sep 2010 19:33 UTC
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This is pretty cool, a few test searches seems to show that this feature is great for being able to refine your search queries on the fly and see the results instantly. On the bad side it seems that if you absolutely know what your going to type already it doesn't help that much and might even be distracting, though if you type fast enough it probably won't have enough time to predict anything. I do have a fairly slow connection though so that might just me. Which means that now you need a fast connection even for search (curse my states crappy broadband coverage). Of course if I know what I want to type in the first place I usually just use the search bar in my browser and only use the actual google page for queries I will have to work with for a while so this probably won't negatively effect me at all.

This feature will be absolutely killer for mobile though, typing speed is slow enough that this can only help and it could speed searches up by a lot. It will be interesting to see how fast other search engines will be able to respond to this, because if they can't google will slaughter them in mobile.

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