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Internet Explorer After several months and preview releases, Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain for the Windows Explorer 9 beta release. Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt at not just catching up to the competition, but at actually surpassing them. Since enough sites will be focusing on just how many nanoseconds faster or slower the beta is compared to the competition, I'll talk a little about the new minimalist interface.
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RE[2]: Comment by orestes
by Dave_K on Thu 16th Sep 2010 13:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by orestes"
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Agreed. I often find it very useful to be able to browse with a large number of tabs, and I don't want either the browser or its UI breaking under the strain.

Chrome is fine for checking webmail and Facebook, or watching some videos on YouTube, but I find it completely unusable for heavy browsing. Apart from its limited UI, Chrome can become painfully slow and unresponsive if I'm not very careful to keep open tabs to a minimum.

I often browse around news sites and forums, opening interesting stories and posts for later reading. At the same time I might be researching a topic, keeping interesting pages open for references, and maybe discussing it on another site. Or I'll be shopping around, with multiple review sites and online stores open to compare products and prices.

When using the browser like that I find that it's easy to build up a large number of tabs without really noticing. Even with browser limitations, I find that keeping everything open is much more efficient than temporarily bookmarking pages that I'll only look at once. I find that that kind of micro management of tabs to keep their number small interrupts and slows down browsing.

To me Opera's the only browser that can cope with that kind of heavy use without extensions. AFAIK it's the only one that provides a scrollable vertical list of tabs that can be filtered by keyword. Add the ctrl+tab or right-mouse-button+scrollwheel for cycling through the last tabs opened, and MDI capabilities like tiling tabs alongside each other within the window, and I find that it can even cope with 100+ tabs quite smoothly if necessary.

With most displays widescreen these days, I find it strange that more browsers don't offer a vertical tab bar as a standard feature. Especially considering that Opera has had this option for as long as it has had tabs.

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