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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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RE[2]: I'm A Little Surprised...
by NeoX on Thu 16th Sep 2010 23:52 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm A Little Surprised..."
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I don't care much for apple or dell, but I did do that.
I compared some iMac (3.2GHz i3, Radeon HD5670) to a machine by dell (3.06GHz i3, Radeon HD5450). Turns out the dell machine costs roughly €600 while the iMac costs roughly €1700.
Unless I'm missing an included 50" Plasma TV the iMac seems like a bad deal.

Really? Do you have a link? I didn't think they made all-in-ones that were anywhere near as good as the iMac. Was the Dell a 27" HD display with all in one form factor?

Show the link so I can check it out...

EDIT: Oh wait Dell used to make the XPS One, which WAS a competitor to the iMac. I say WAS because they don't make it anymore. Oh and when they did sell it, less then 3 years ago, it was $300 MORE then the comparable iMac...

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how about this then:

compare a mac to this... 1200$ for an outstanding dell laptop.

Similar mac would be 2199$ +100$ for a higher resolution screen. The hard-drives are similar.. since the one in xps is rotating @7200 but is smaller than the one in macbook Pro ._. and the look of xps is great.. it even has leather ;)

besides why are we the ones who are supposed to show any links... the OP should have included the links to the mac/dell machines he claims are competitive to the dell machines.

Or anyone else who say mac is competitive to anything else price wise.

Also for custom built machines there is a website that seems to eb popular in US... but I'm from Eu so I'm not really sure about it.. I just played with their configurator...
it's cyberpowerpc or something like that.

here it is:

compare that to mac pro

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You are missing the point. First of all it is a Dell with a "classy" paint job. It still does not have:

+ The MacBook Pros Aluminum uni-body enclosure for durability and weight.
+ No Bluetooth Standard (It is listed as an option)
+ No Firewire 800
+ No Long-life extended battery
+ No Illuminated keyboard and ambient light sensor
What about Optical Digital Input and Outputs? How about a Multi-touch Trackpad?

Those are just a few of the Hardware differences. There are things that you get with the MacBook Pro that you do not get with the DELL and the other way round too. But in my eyes there is no comparison and while sure you can get a decent laptop for less then a MB Pro it will not be as good as one. You do get what you pay for here.

We haven't even touched on the software you get (and the crap ware you don't get).

As to the links I was referring to the iMac- Dell comparison listed above. The Pro line of Macs has always been a premium price. But there is a reason it is that way, nothing exists that is of the same quality and design. Shouldn't that cost a bit more? The consumer Macs are another story and are still very competitive. I am not going to provide links as a simple search will give plenty of examples both ways. I was referring to links to the specific post above.

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Nice - an extra lb of weight right out of the gate, half the battery life (if you get the 9 cell, which probable adds even more weight?), and the benefit of leather.

But seriously, you better factor in the weight/cost of dragging a second 9 cell battery, upgrade the one you're looking at with one as well, apparently add a bluetooth module (??? non-standard, according to the Dell 'customizer' walkthrough I just tried), get the higher-end screen, get a better version of Win7 since Apple doesn't have gimped versions of the OS for users, and... now the 'starting price' is already over $1700 for a heavier machine with worse battery life, though it has some opaque 'total savings' that bring it to $1500 (and still doesn't include that extra battery), which while better than $1700+ is still not going to get you the same lighter, longer-lived, and Windows Free experience. Unless you're that into virus scans on top of it. But I'll concede, the Mac is still more expensive. And I didn't see a better trackpad option either. :/

On the Mac Pro comparison, are you really comparing a single-CPU setup to the dual Xeon 12-core Pro? What's the price comparison you want? Would you like to compare render times? Not to mention whatever that hideous lit case thing is... ;)

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