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Google A few days ago I dove into the lawsuit filed by Skyhook against Google, and came to the conclusion that Skyhook's case - while an entirely plausible sequence of events considering Google is a big company and hence prone to abuse - simply wasn't a very good one. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has given a rather generic-looking statement on the matter, but however generic it may be, there's a hint in there.
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RE[5]: good thing
by Morgan on Sat 25th Sep 2010 13:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: good thing"
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From what i know the N900 won't get an official Meego update.

Well that's why I said the N910 or whatever they decide to call the next hardware release in that series. ;)

Anyways i find Nokias strategy a bit confusing after the announcement to support WP7.

When did this happen? There was a VentureBeat article a few days back claiming such a thing but it was refuted more than once, including by Nokia themselves. I was under the impression that Nokia recently committed to Symbian and MeeGo exclusively as their smartphone OSes. The only other big Symbian user, Sony-Ericsson, are dropping Symbian for Android and not WP7 (I keep wanting to call it WinMo7...), but that should have little bearing on the lifespan of Symbian.

I think Symbian has a long and steady future with Nokia, given its entrenchment with the low-to-mid level phones which make up the bulk of their sales. It's a mature and solid OS and they would be stupid to get rid of it now. Though I recognize that it's a great platform, I don't care for it on a personal level; but I'm not their target market anyway. I do hope that they can get the ball rolling on the Ovi Store, and bring it on par with the Android Market if not the iOS App Store. Competition is always good for the consumer, as it brings choice and variety.

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RE[6]: good thing
by kovos on Sat 25th Sep 2010 13:04 in reply to "RE[5]: good thing"
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Yeah i guess i got this one wrong. Seems it's more like a rumor. But not too far fetched after the new CEO came from Microsoft.

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RE[7]: good thing
by Radio on Sat 25th Sep 2010 14:12 in reply to "RE[6]: good thing"
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Not too far fetched after the new CEO came from Microsoft.
Oh no, it is veeeery far fetched if you had taken the time to find out Nokia's strategy. It is rolling since the beginning of the year.

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