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Linux Well, it's been a while since we've opened this particular jar (box is not historically accurate) owned by Pandora. Desktop Linux... Yes, that ever elusive readiness of the desktop that is Linux-powered. Some story on ComputerWorld argues that the desktop Linux dream is dead, and apparently, the story is causing some stir on the web. Well, paint me pink and call me a lightbulb, but of course desktop Linux is dead. However - who gives a flying monkey? Linux is being used by more people than ever!
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Why can't I use the webcam driver that worked perfectly well on linux 2.6.18 on 2.6.19 without having to recompile it from source?

If you have a webcam that didn't have an open source driver, then how do you have the source? If the OEM provides source on a website but this isn't included in the mainline kernel, then you know all about this issue, as you would have had to locate the source code and compile it in the first place. So don't change your kernel without testing first. Blacklist kernel updates if you like.

If you don't even know what a kernel is, and you didn't compile any "driver thingy", then the webcam that worked with linux 2.6.18 will still work just fine for you on linux 2.6.19.


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