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Mac OS X "No surprise that Apple's new Mac App Store has a similar set of rules and regulations as the iPhone App Store, and we just got the full list. There's nothing here that's too different from the iPhone review guidelines, but it all seems terribly odd when applied to a regular computer, and some of the more restrictive policies have already drawn ire from developers like Mozilla's Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner, who says the restriction against beta code won't work well with the Mozilla 'open beta' development process."
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RE: No runtimes again?
by MacMan on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 00:56 UTC in reply to "No runtimes again?"
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Python, Ruby, and Perl should be fine as they are installed. Even if they were not, it is a very simple mater to put these library file in your app.

Python has really nice Cocoa bindings also, so its really easy to make a native app.

I even work on an app that uses a newer version of python then what is installed in Snow Leopard, so the python lib is simply dropped in the app, and all is good.

If there is one thing that NeXT / Apple did right, it is how apps are packaged: an app is a special directory that contains among other things a manifest, bin and lib and recourse directories. To include additional libraries, simply tell xcode to copy them to your app when you link with them.

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