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Amiga & AROS Always wanted to own the IP and trademarks of one of the most innovative computer brands in history? A brand carried by a computer which was easily ten years ahead of its time, capable of multitasking (in colour) with multiple resolutions displayed at the same time, while Windows were still windows and the Mac couldn't hold more than 8 pages in its word processor on its single-tasking monochrome operating system? Yes, Bill McEwen's Amiga, Inc. is selling the Amiga trademark and all associated IP. It's not like the guy was doing anything with it anyway.
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RE[3]: It's a good brand
by tylerdurden on Fri 5th Nov 2010 03:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: It's a good brand"
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"logic" does not mean what you think it does.

If you're not willing to purchase your own dog food, it is delusional to think there will be other people who will. That should give you a hint as to why you're still poor ;-)

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RE[4]: It's a good brand
by biffuz on Fri 5th Nov 2010 12:26 in reply to "RE[3]: It's a good brand"
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I don't think the world works this way... otherwise, we wouldn't find 90% of the stuff we find in shops.

And the reason of the why I'm not (yet) rich, is because I couldn't find anything to sell in numbers :-)

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RE[5]: It's a good brand
by tylerdurden on Sat 6th Nov 2010 04:24 in reply to "RE[4]: It's a good brand"
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Just because something is in the shops, it does not mean that it either sells or it is a successful product. That is why companies go under many times... because they have too much stock in retail channels that no one is buying.

I don't think the issue with you not being rich is of the "quantitative" persuasion, but most likely it is due to qualitative issues.

But by all means, go ahead an try to charge 30% extra for an off the shelf machine with the Spanish word for "lady friend" and see your bizness take off... LOL.

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