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Apple It's the end of the line for Apple's line of servers, the Xserve. The Cupertino giant has just announced that the Xserve line (no more future models, either) will no longer be sold after January 31, 2011, and advises people interested in Mac OS X Server to buy either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server installed.
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Intel Killed the XServe Star?
by tessmonsta on Fri 5th Nov 2010 13:36 UTC
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I think the XServe lost most of it's purpose once they switched to Intel. From an Enterprise perspective, there's no differentiation of XServe from the big Enterprise guys (Dell, HP, IBM). Other than powering their own datacenters, there's not much of a reason for the XServe to exist. Furthermore, the market pressure from public Cloud providers is making it difficult to justify buying new hardware for SMBs. Large companies that would buy hardware for security or Private Cloud initatives aren't interested in running OS X because nothing they need runs on it, but will often run Linux.

The question that remains, however, is what will *Apple* do when it needs to replace its own hardware? Will it buy from the Big Guys and slap on a custom OS X? Or will it just farm it out to the likes of Amazon Web Services?

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Good argument. I'd always wondered the same thing. People who bought them, said they were for managing macs. Didn't really understand why. It just has outdated versions of open source server apps, for an exorbitant price.

I wonder what Pixar will do now, they were probably the biggest user of xserves.

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Wasn't there a post recently that Pixar is using Microsoft's Cloud -- Windows Azure?

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For a while I expected Apple to buy Sun...
If they did they had a strong server lineup and they did not need to redesign the hardware to match other Macs...

Of course I was totally neglecting the fact that Apple is no enterprise hardware company... ;)

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