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Legal About time! Google has responded to Oracle's amended complaint in the big Oracle v Google patent and copyright hoedown, and it's a contradictory grab bag of various defences, basically throwing everything and seeing what sticks - a normal and common course of events in cases like this. There are some juicy claims in there.
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RE[8]: PolicyNodeImpl
by lemur2 on Mon 15th Nov 2010 10:16 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: PolicyNodeImpl"
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"I think being on the wider Internet constitutes distribution

I thought being on the wider Internet constituted "making available" not "distributing". Am I wrong?

That would be a question for courts to decide, I suppose.

It would also be a very simple matter, if it is decided that being on the wider Internet constitutes distribution, for Google to remove the particular set of files from git, would it not?

So, if indeed the court determines that "being on the wider Internet constitutes distribution", then the simple remedy is for Google to pull the files, and simply carry on with Android as they were.

How would that help Oracle? Why would Oracle sue Google just to achieve that end?

My take is that Oracle are after a slice of the take of Android. Since the files in question are not distributed with Android, my guess is that Oracle won't have a show at achieving that aim.

So the whole thing boils down to a huge WOFTAM in the end, IMO. Oracle makes an enemy of Google, and most of the open source followers, for absolutely no gain.

Once again, I am reminded of my very favourite quote: "Against stupidity, the Gods themselves contend in vain".

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