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Humor Windows NT name size limits, network cabling and protocols, Linux printer daemon commands, AD&D character alignments -- find out how much you know where it really counts by taking InfoWorld's 2010 Geek IQ Test.
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Isn't that "restart" method just some Red Hat wrapper for /etc/rc.d/ scripts? I have always thought so since I haven't seen that program shipped with any distribution after ditching Red Hat Linux 6 ten years ago.

I'm sitting in front of a RHEL5 box... no 'restart' command here that I can find...

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>> Restart [printer name] (from the quiz)

I think the quiz master might be thinking of the command you would give to lpc if you were using a Linux system which used bsd-lp/lpr (can't be many these days). That said, I don't think any lpc will accept "Restart" with a capital R as a valid command.

edit: Added lpr and bit about case sensitivity.

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