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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this is fascinating. There have been rumours going around for a while now that Apple is working with Gemalto on an integrated sim card, allowing customers to choose their own carrier and then activate the phone through Apple. European mobile phone carriers aren't particularly pleased with this.
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This is a long fight.

But the outcome is almost certain.

The bit pipe owners will become mere utilities competing on price per bits and nothing else. The idea that bit pipe owners (carriers, cable companies, etc) should have any power over the end user or be involved in delivering anything other than a bit pipe will come to be seen as an anachronism.

Apple is the strongest placed player to break the power of the bit pipe owners. Their fight has been complicated by the emergence of Android which has temporally assisted the bit pipe owners to resist Apple's attack. Apple has manoeuvred through and around the bit pipe owners power but its strategic direction is set - to destroy the power of the bit pipe owners. This latest manoeuvre is part of the bigger game, a tactical shift, but the war continues. Let's all hope that Apple wins and the bit pipe owners power is broken. Then the bits can flow freely.

Problem here is that apple just wants to take away the power and use it itself, unless the entire handling is done by a third party I would not trust either of them. The status quo here at least is that if you travel you just get yourself another sim card and drop it into your phone, if you have an unlocked phone which is easy to get.
What now happens then is that you are dependend on the current mood of uncle Steve for that, do you really want that?

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